A few years following the building of the first and only Catholic Church in Kingfisher, the need for a Catholic School became apparent. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School began a legacy of providing faith-based education in 1910, a tradition that continues today. The original schooling took place in the rectory with three teachers and two Benedictine Sisters. A High School was added in 1911 and the little school began to flourish. Records show that Bishop Meerschaert visited the school often to encourage the students and the Sisters in their fine works. Quality education was maintained at the High School level until 1926, when the High School closed due to low enrollment.

In 1929, a square, two-story red brick schoolhouse, just yards off of Highway 81 was constructed. More than seventy years later, that same building serves as the nucleus of education for students grades Pre-School – Eighth.

During the war years of 1917-18 pupils of the school were active in Red Cross work. They made gun wipes, knitted socks and sweaters, and clothes were collected and mended for the needy. Our students continue to provide service to the community by raising funds monthly for non-profit organizations as well as serving those in need such as Meals on Wheels, Hot Dogs for the Homeless, victims of Hurricane Katrina and local floods, deployed military members and Sr. BJ’s Pantry, just to name a few.

Through the decades, the school continued to grow. Expansions included the building of a parish hall in the ‘60’s. Ross Hall as it is now called, currently serves as the cafeteria and gymnasium with a completion of a brand new commercial kitchen by September 2015. The sense of pride and determination that built the school continues today. The school has merged onto the information highway, with computers in every classroom, a computer lab, internet service and interactive white boards.

Today Sts. Peter and Paul School is an important, stable, yet ever-growing and progressively changing entity within the community. Known for decades for its premium educational history and emphasis on Christian principles, the school will continue to serve as the center for educating the whole child: mind, body and spirit in Kingfisher.