Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School is committed to providing quality, faith-based education in a Christian environment by nurturing spiritual growth and academic excellence in our students, their families and the community in the tradition of the Roman Catholic faith.


We, the Sts. Peter and Paul Community, believe that Catholic education is a partnership that includes parents, teachers, students as well as the Parish community. This belief is founded on the shared commitment to the growth of the whole person spiritually, academically, and socially. Through this commitment, students are seen as persons made in the image of God, with unique strengths which should be nurtured to ensure that each child develops to his/her full potential.

Goals & Objectives

  • To promote the understanding and living of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to promote a Catholic atmosphere.
  • To provide varied educational opportunities in religion, academics, and social and cultural development in order to form a well-rounded student capable of coping with real life experiences.
  • To help students develop responsibility for their actions and behaviors.
  • To educate each student to the responsibilities and realities of his/her present and future.
  • To develop an educational environment that combines creativity and the basics of instruction, catering to all styles of learning.