We welcome you and your family to volunteer at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, and there are many opportunities to volunteer.

Some require the completion of the volunteer screening process.  The application and code of conduct may be found in the forms section of the website.

A few of the ways you can volunteer:  cafeteria serving line, health screenings, coaching, substitute teacher, tutor or scouting.
Protocol (Training) Information

All Archdiocesan and Parish employees and all Volunteers who have regular contact with minors and the elderly must complete the Safe Environment Protocol (paper application and online background check, Code of Conduct review and acknowledgment form, and Training Workshop.) before being employed or volunteering.  The following is a summary of the steps required to be considered for employment or volunteer activities.

1. References, Paper Application, and Online Background Check.

1a. References. You need to have three references for many of the following steps. While you may use the same three for each step, they cannot be related to you. In addition to what is asked, our simple reference form is attached to this webpage both in English and Spanish. Please have each simple form filled out by your reference and return this with your paper application.

1b. Paper Application. The paper application must to be completed, dated and signed before it can be accepted by the Parish or Archdiocese. The Paper Application is available in the forms tab of our website.

  • Please type or print legibly.
  • Complete all four pages of the Archdiocesan Application for Employment or Volunteer Service.
  • Return the Paper Application to the local Church Safe Environment Facilitator, the School Office, or Archdiocesan Business Office if applying for a position with the Archdiocese.
  • Applicants are urged to retain a copy of each of these documents for reference.

1c. On-line Application. The Church or School Safe Environment Facilitators or assistants will take your information from the paper application and enter it into our on-line system in order to centrally record your information as well as initiate your background check.

2. Code of Conduct Review and Acknowledgement. Read the Code of Conduct. After reading the Code of Conduct, read and complete all information at the bottom of the Statement of Receipt and Agreement (for the Code of Conduct) and execute.  Turn this in with the Paper Application. If you need another copy of the Code of Conduct, it is available in the forms section of our website, either English or Español.

3. Training Workshop.  All applicants must attend a training workshop before being approved for ministry.  Contact the Parish Facilitator, the School Facilitator, or the Office of Safe Environment if applying for a position with the Archdiocese.

For School: MJ Mateo, Principal, (405) 375-4616
For the Archdiocesan Office of Safe Environment: (405) 721-5651

No one will be allowed to start employment or volunteer for activities which allow with regular contact with minors, elderly, or the disabled until this protocol is completed. Completion means not only that you have accomplished all of the requirements; it also means that the information has been reviewed and approved by the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Office, and they, in-turn, have notified our Parish or School Facilitator. Therefore, one should start the protocol as soon as possible.

Reference Form – English
Reference Form – Spanish